H and R Credit Solutions understands that the majority of our customers don’t have time to wait around for their credit to be repaired a little at a time. That is why we start the repair process as soon as possible! Not only do we dispute inaccuracies and obsolete information on your behalf through the bureau, but we also go above and beyond to contact collection agencies and creditors! With the repair process that we use customers will start to see their credit score go up in as little as 30 – 40 DAYS. This gives our customers the buying power they need to achieve their goals of owning that new home or car they’ve been dreaming of!

On a side note, please be aware that credit repair is not for everyone. In order to determine this we offer a 100% free consultation at your convenience with no strings attached. Your credit report will be thoroughly examined by one of our seasoned credit consultants to determine if our services would truly be of any help to you.