H and R Credit Solutions is a locally owned and operated company that has been improving credit files since 2005.  We truly care about helping our clients succeed and put them first before anything else. With a fast and affective credit repair program we continually deliver the best results while maintaining exceptional customer service available to our clients at any time.

We work hand in hand with mortgage companies, real estate agents, bankers and many other professionals with clients who are in need of credit restoration. Whether you are buying a home, car, refinancing or simply want financial freedom, we are here to help!

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Unlike many other companies, we offer a set price of $399 for individuals and $599 for couples which has not changed since 2005. We do understand that everyone’s financial situations are different which is why we also offer a month to month pay as you go plan. The prices do not change if this plan is used. It is only broken down into smaller monthly payments which benefits those who are not in as much of a hurry as others.

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